Building Pressure Cleaning.

Periodic building wash downs are essential to keeping your building in top condition. This is particularly important to Newcastle and surrounding suburbs due to their close proximity to the beach.

Having Onyx carry out a regular pressure clean on your building will not only remove visible dirt giving your building a brighter and cleaner appearance, but also salt and other corrosive elements are removed from the paintwork and windows before they have time to settle in and corrode these surfaces.

Over time this corrosion can create cracks and gaps which allows water to enter into the building internally. Once water becomes trapped in the walls it will eventually begin to seep through internal walls, ceilings and joins.

Apart from high rise pressure cleaning Onyx can also assist with graffiti removal, mould treatment and removal, and stain removal on entrance paths and driveways.

Get in touch with us today to discuss a cleaning maintenance program that would protect and take care of your buildings needs.