Our Projects.

Graincorp Moree

The team travelled out to Moree for some silo repairs for our client GrainCorp.

With some strategically placed anchor points and a wealth of rope access knowledge- Onyx were able to carry out the necessary concrete repairs without the use of scaffold once again.

123 Scott St Newcastle

The residents of 123 Scott Street contracted Onyx to carry out a complete facade seal and a full protective coating system.

We have successfully stopped years of frustrating and costly leaks, and saved the building hundreds of thousands of dollars on scaffolding costs in the process.

Happy clients and a fresh new facade is another mission complete by the Onyx team.

426 Hunter Street Newcastle

A facelift for this civic station resident.

New tram lines and a busy Hunter Street meant rope access was the way forward to make this building shine again.

Water Treatment Plant Burwood Beach

No job too hard, no area we can’t reach.

Working with Veolia and Hunter Water in the depths of the water treatment plant.

Penstock adjustment in the most inaccessible areas completed safely and effectively by our confined space experts.

108 Melbourne Street Maitland

Heritage work is always a favourite of ours here at Onyx, especially the hard to access ones.

Due to the proximity to power lines and a busy road, Onyx was called in to make the old look new again.

Our facade coating system will ensure the building will continue to stand against the test of time.

Sky Central Charlestown

The Onyx technicians have breathed new life into the iconic towers of Charlestown.

A complete facade seal with kilometres of new caulk has eliminated years of leaks, finished with a fresh new total facade coating system.

Silo Warranty Works

Onyx Rope Access performing maintenance work to the new silos at Newcastle Agri Terminal.

This is the definition of difficult access works, overcome by expert rigging and talented technicians.

Quest Sign Installation

Onyx Rope Access working closely with sign installers and crane drivers and dogman to install new, large scale signage at Quest Newcastle.

Our technicians guide and take over installation when the crane can no longer reach. Once fastened and secured, our technicians break down the rigging from the crane and wire up the sign.

Glass Brick Removal & Tinted Louvre Install

Onyx Rope Access were contracted to remove old glass bricks in all units and replace with new tinted glass louvres.

Due to access difficulty and high price tag scaffold was not an option for the client so rope access was once again the preferred method proving anything can be done off rope with the right technicians.